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Scott Morrison climate plan The government has backed the data in the strategy as coming from the CSIRO and energy department. Angus Taylor, the emissions reduction minister, said on Thursday he would use the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow to promote Australia as a “safe and reliable” place to invest in gas , hydrogen and “new energy technologies”. He will join the prime minister, Scott Morrison, at the summit following a meeting of G20 leaders in Rome this weekend. On Friday, the Morrison government released a new climate adaptation strategy that said the cost of natural disasters were expected to almost double by 2060 and backed the importance of markets to help Australians cope as the planet heats up. The National Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategy identified a range of perils including intensifying cyclones, rising sea levels and heatwaves. Citing evidence by Deloitte Access Economics, it said the cost of natural disasters in Australia would increase from about $38b to $73b by 2060 even with ambitious global action to reduce emissions. But, as the emissions reduction strategy, it came with no new funding. It said the government’s role should include helping markets to develop ways to build resilience into the values of assets under threat from global heating. Hemming said the policy just re-announced existing initiatives. “There are no clear targets or timelines,” she said.


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Construction worker seriously injured after home's foundation collapses on him in Salt Lake City By Jacob Klopfenstein, KSL.com | Posted - Nov. 1, 2021 at 9:34 p.m. A construction worker was seriously injured after a Salt Lake City home's foundation partially collapsed on him on Monday. (Carissa Hutchinson, KSL TV) SALT LAKE CITY — A construction worker suffered serious injuries Monday after a portion of a home's foundation collapsed onto him, authorities said. The accident took place just before 5 p.m. at a construction site on 4th Avenue, according to Salt Lake City Fire Department Capt. Anthony Burton. Construction workers were in the back of a home when part of the home's foundation collapsed onto him, trapping him under debris and soil, Burton said. Heavy rescue crews from the fire department responded to the scene and found construction workers "making a valiant effort" to get the man out, Burton added. The workers got the man, who is about 30 years old, into a safer position, and the heavy rescue team was able to extract him within about 30 minutes, Burton said. He was taken to a hospital in serious condition.